Simple Flower Techniques

Simple Flower Techniques

Photo of Kathwren Jenkins, Simple Flower Techniques

Kathwren Jenkins

Kathwren Jenkins shows just how easy flower painting can be with some simple flower techniques. She paints all the flowers with just 3 different brushes. The important thing to note, is that it is the stroke Kathwren is teaching here.

Kathwren shows how to paint 4 different flowers in this 25 minute clip. She starts by painting the thin undercoat to a Geranium, then using a chiselled flat brush she paints in some petals using a simple stroke consisting of pushing down and pulling up the brush. Then with a lighter paint and the edge of the brush to produce some for-shortened leaves using the flat, and then the  edge of the brush.  She then uses a small filbert brush to form some buds.

Kathwren then moves on to painting some Lilacs using the same techniques, and introduces the painting of leaves on the stem of the Lilac. Her third flower is a Carnation, and she uses the Filbert brush alone on the Carnation. Kathwren finishes off with some Daisies. As well as painting the flowers, she also paints some associated foliage.


So, Kathwren has used some simple flower techniques that anyone can do, and painted 4 different flowers during this 25 minutes video.

This video clip is very similar to the materials on the 3 hour flower techniques DVD. Also, some of these flowers are painted in greater detail in “The Beauty of Oil Painting” books. There is a Geranium painting project in Book 2 and Book 4. A Lilac painting project is also covered in Book 2.

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