Lady In Red In New York

Red Lady In New York City

Photograph of a painting of a Red Lady in New York City with the Flat Iron Building, The Guggenheim, The Chrysler Building and UN Building

The Red Lady In New York City

The Red Lady has been a very popular selling painting of mine. It sells within a couple of hours when I paint it at a craft fayre. I have done Red Lady in a number of different ways and usually against a flat silhouette Cityscape. This is the first time I have used a city landmark as a focal point. In this case the focal point is the Flat Iron building in New York City. The Guggenheim and the UN Building are also recognisable. In the far distance there are indistinct skyscrapers.

There is a video of me painting Red Lady, further down.

Although I have put my own landscape on this site, This web site is more dedicated to the painting skills of Gary Jenkins, so learn more about Flower Painting and Fine Art.

The Video

I have done my first painting video. it is clear that I have to practice my camera technique as I make a great door, but a poor window. I will be doing more of these so should improve.


The Flat Iron Building

The Flat Iron Building was one of the highest buildings in New York when it was built. The building is of triangular cross section. It was one of the first steel frame buildings built in New York. It is called Flat Iron because its triangular shape looks like that of a cast-iron clothes iron.

The Guggenheim Building

The Guggenheim is an art museum that was founded in 1939, and named after Solomon R. Guggenheim. It moved to its current location, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in 1959.

The Chrysler Building

The art-deco Chrysler Building was the tallest building in New York until The Empire State building was completed in 1939. It is the tallest steel framed, brick building in the world. Although it was the headquarters of the Chrysler Company it wasn’t built by the company. It was the private property of Walter Chrysler.

This web site is more dedicated to the artistic skills of Gary Jenkins, so learn more about Flower Painting and Fine Art.

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