Gary Jenkins, Pigment Power

Pigment Power Brushes

Pigment Power Brushes

The complete range of the Gary Jenkins Pigment Power Brushes, and miscellaneous applicators.

The round and script liner brushes are made of high quality Skolinsky hair.

The Filbert and Flat brushes are made of Synthetic hair

The Background Bristle Brushes are made from natural white bristle. These bristle brushes were designed especially for applying acrylic paint to canvas to form a background.

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For information on brush techniques go here.

  • Gary Jenkins, Pigment Power Brush Sets
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  • Pigment Power Filbert Brush Filbert Brushes
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  • Flat Brush Flat Brushes
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  • Mop Blender Mop Blender Brushes
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  • Fan Brush Fan Brushes
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  • Background Acrylic Background Bristle Brushes
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  • Pallet Knife No 3 Miscellaneous
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