Pigment Power Master Paint Set, Old Holland

Old Holland Paint

Pigment Power Paints by Old Holland Paint

These Pigment Power paints are made by the Old Holland Paint Company. They are ideal for the technique of painting developed by Gary Jenkins. The paints have a high quality base,  heavily laden with a high quality pigment. This allows a “one stroke” process to maintain colour when applied to the canvas. The range consists of 14 colours with the darker colours being transparent, and the lighter colours opaque.

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Old Holland Paint

A tube of the Gary Jenkins paints made by Old Holland Paints

All paints are supplied in 40ml aluminium tubes.





Master Paint Set

Pigment Power Master Paint Set

The Master Painting Set provides a 40ml tube of each of the 14 colours.




Gary Jenkins Pigment Power Paints
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales Tax
1Master Paint Set 40ml£114.95Band 1
2Cadmium Lemon Yellow 40ml£10.91Band 1
3Cadmium Orange 40ml£10.91Band 1
4Yellow Ochre 40ml£7.99Band 1
5Cadmium Red 40ml£7.99Band 1
6Magenta Rose 40ml£10.91Band 1
7Deep Burgundy 40ml£10.91Band 1
8Mauve 40ml£10.91Band 1
9Turquoise 40ml£7.99Band 1
10Ultramarine Blue 40ml£7.99Band 1
11Foliage Green 40ml£10.91Band 1
12Burnt Sienna 40ml£7.26Band 1
13Burnt Umber 40ml£7.26Band 1
14Ivory Black 40ml£7.26Band 1
15Titanium White 40ml£8.71Band 1
Shipping Rate: A
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