Moonlit Swans

08. Moonlit Swans

Pack 08. Moonlit Swans, Swan Upping

Moonlit Swans By Gary Jenkins

Gary Jenkins says: “I love to paint Swans. They are one of my favorite Exotic Birds. They are so elegant and graceful when they glide across the water. This little moonlight scene really accentuates all the beautiful shadows and highlights on the Moonlit Swans and the water.” Swans are counted in the United Kingdom during a ceremony known as Swan Upping.

Did you know that all swans in the United Kingdom are the property of the Queen. There is a ceremony called “Swan Upping” that takes place every year on the River Thames In the UK. The Swan Upping ceremony involves the Queen’s Swan Warden checking the health of the swans and their cygnets


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Moonlit Swans Painting Pack
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