Vintage DVD Series

Vintage 9 DVD SetVisit Gary in his Studio at home. These self-made videos, with an average duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes, show a step-by-step approach to Gary’s early paintings where Gary has more time to explain the applied technique, than he has on the regular TV episodes. These DVDs vintage material in VHS-quality, taped in the 80s and 90s of the last millennium is also a nice collectors item.

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Vintage DVDs
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#OptionPriceSales Tax
1DVD1 Goldfish£14.56Band 1
2DVD2 Antique China Vase£14.56Band 1
3DVD3 Eagle£14.56Band 1
4DVD4 English Roses£14.56Band 1
5DVD5 Garden Roses£14.56Band 1
6DVD6 Poppies in a Vase£14.56Band 1
7DVD7 Rooster£14.56Band 1
8DVD8 Roses of Yesteryear£14.56Band 1
9DVD9 Scarlet Macaws£14.56Band 1
10Set of 9 DVDs£107.62Band 1
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