Beauty of Oil Painting Book 6

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 6

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 6

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 6 – Front Cover

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 6 is a tour-de-force of fine art painting. As well as enhancing and upgrading the usual introductory sections, it adds a number of others. Also, there is a complete new section called Technique Breakdowns.

As usual, the first part of the book sets the scene by giving in-depth instructions and guidance on the basics. Additional color photographs add to the quality of this section.

Painting Technique Breakdowns

A new section called “Technique Breakdowns” has been added to this book. The “Technique Breakdowns” section shows how you can use acrylic paints, paper doilies, water sprays and even your finger to produce wonderful backgrounds. Bird painting is then covered in fine detail in this new section as is the painting of a tiny little green froggy.

Flower Painting Projects

The final part consists of 16 flower painting projects covering a wide range of flowers from Bromeliad to Tea Roses. As well as the 16 flower painting projects, there are 3 bird painting projects, and 2 landscape projects (one with an Egret) . There are also 5 projects that combine birds with flowers.

Detailed instructions are there as usual, as are the list of supplies and color photographed breakdowns. Finally, at the end of the book there are a number of tracing pattern sheets for some of the projects.

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