Beauty of Oil Painting Book 4

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 4

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 4

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 4 – Front Cover

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 4 is the fourth book of the series by Gary and Kathwren Jenkins. It maintains the usual high quality reproduction, but provides a great leap forward with regards to the painting projects it covers. As well as flower painting projects, landscapes using the Gary Jenkins techniques are introduced.

There is also a wildlife project in the shape of a tiger head – still attached to its body I hasten to add

There are more color photographs, more subjects and more details.

Painting Techniques

As well as describing the usual brushstrokes and techniques you can use, book 4 expands further on these areas . There has also been an expansion of the foliage technique section, which now has more detailed text and color photographs. New sections include painting small flowers and buds, painting water drops and painting waterfalls. Once again, high quality and detailed sketches and photographs accompany all of the written text.

Flower Painting Projects

The final part of Book 4 consists of 18 flower painting projects that cover a wide range of flowers from Hibiscus to Tulips, one of the projects has a bird hidden in it. As well as the 18 flower painting projects, there are a number of landscape projects that includes 3 waterfalls, and a forest landscape. There are also a Tiger, Macaw, Mystic Koi Carp project, and finally a project that incorporates a photograph into the painting.

As usual, all painting projects have a set of detailed instructions, and a full list of supplies and equipment. Furthermore, there is also the 4 step sequence of color photographs, and a colour photograph of the completed project. And of course, there are the tracing pattern sheets in the back of the book.

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