Beauty of Oil Painting Book 3

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 3

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 3

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 3 – Front Cover

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 3 is the third book of the series by Gary and Kathwren Jenkins. It maintains the high quality copy and presentation style of the previous 2 books. What is completely new about this book though, is its increased use of acrylic paints to emphasis the backgrounds to the subject. The book also increases the variety of subjects painted to include fish and birds, either by themselves or as part of a larger painting.

As well as the usual instructions, there is an additional section dealing with the use of an opaque projector.

This book is good!

Painting Techniques

Once again there is an emphasis upon the brushstrokes and techniques that show how different effects are obtained. But this time there is more detail applied to the subject background that makes the subject “pop” more. The uses of masking tape, gold and copper leaf, and texture paste are also described and shown. Finally the, high quality and detailed sketches that accompany all of the written text in the previous books are supplied here as well.

Flower Painting Projects

The final part of Book 3 consists of 14 flower painting projects covering a wide range of flowers from Daisies to Victorian Roses. As well as the 14 flower painting projects, there are also 4 flower painting projects that incorporate birds. In addition, there are  2 landscape painting projects with water, 1 fish painting project and 5 bird painting projects. Detailed instructions are supplied as usual. The 4 step breakdown sequence of color photographs, and a colour photograph of the completed project are also included. Finally, there are a number of tracing pattern sheets in the book for a number of the projects.

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