Beauty of Oil Painting Book 1

Beauty of Oil Painting Book 1

Gary Jenkins, Beauty of Oil Painting Book 1

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 1 – Front Cover

The Beauty of Oil Painting Book 1 is the first book of the series by Gary and Kathwren Jenkins. It is a hardback book, printed on high quality gloss paper, and has many high quality line and photograph reproductions. It gives a comprehensive introduction to the flower painting techniques pioneered by Gary and Kathwren Jenkins.

The first part of the book sets the scene by giving in-depth instructions and guidance on the basics from tracing down patterns to cleaning and caring for your brushes. The book covers painting supplies in some depth, and color terminology is covered in fine but easy to read details. All the terms are explained simply.

Painting Techniques

The brushstrokes and techniques sections show in detail how different brushes can be used to give different effects. Fine lines of thin paint are applied with the script liner brush and thicker paint layers are applied with the filbert and flat brushes. By holding the Filbert and Flat brushes in different ways you can apply different “shapes” of paint to the surface. Furthermore, high quality and detailed sketches accompany all of the written text.

Flower Painting Projects

The final part of Book 1 consists of 15 flower painting projects that cover a wide range of flowers from Amaryllis to Poinsettias to Roses. As well as the 15 flower painting projects, there are 2 landscape painting projects, and 1 bird painting project. As well as a set of detailed instructions, each painting project also consists of a full list of supplies and equipment. Furthermore, there is also a 4 step breakdown sequence of color photographs, and a colour photograph of the completed project. Finally, there are a number of tracing pattern sheets for some of the projects.

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