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Black Frames

Black Painted BoxThe Farbi Flora Multi Purpose Picture Frames consist of side bars and the joining wedges. Simply line up the precision cut bars and tap in the wedges to make a strong frame that adds value and class to your paintings. The frames can be assembled to form a traditional box frame or shadow frame. Additional items are required from the “Miscellaneous”.


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Black Frames
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales Tax
130cm x 30cm£22.77Band 1
230cm x 40cm£24.33Band 1
330cm x 50cm£26.78Band 1
430cm x 60cm£29.41Band 1
540cm x 40cm£25.90Band 1
640cm x 50cm£28.35Band 1
740cm x 60cm£30.97Band 1
850cm x 50cm£30.79Band 1
950cm x 60cm£33.42Band 1
1060cm x 60cm£36.05Band 1
Shipping Rate: C
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