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Gary Jenkins Courses In Floral Painting

Kathwren and Gary Jenkins Courses

Kathwren and Gary Jenkins

Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

Gary Jenkins Courses will teach you the floral techniques necessary to dramatically boost your painting skills. At the end of the course you will be certified as a J-CAT (Jenkins Certified art Teacher)

Language: English with German translation

The Gary Jenkins Courses will be taught by official Jenkins Staff Teachers.

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The Gary Jenkins courses in floral painting are a 3 x 1 week Teacher Certification program. Its aim is to teach students to become the best floral painters they can be, by using the Jenkins Floral Techniques. Many of the Jenkins students have gone on to be fine art gallery painters, art show exhibitors, and teachers.

The floral techniques course teaches the students to strive to paint to a higher level. Students will be taught how to be more creative, and original with their painting. Students will also learn how to experiment, and eventually make the crossover from copying the teachers work to painting from their own photos and reference material. Students will also learn what photos and reference material make a good painting and what photos do not. Students will truly be professional painters once they learn how to be creative original painters.

Bronze Level (week one)

Some time will be spent on the first day discussing the mental orientation of becoming a good professional painter. Students will then learn the basic leaf and flower strokes, and good basic techniques. Stroke work is important when starting to paint and good technique is the basis for all good painting. Students will also learn the importance of painting backgrounds. Next, students will put all their practical stroke work into a few basic paintings. A more advanced painting will be taught on the last day. Tuition will be by a step-by-step method where the teacher will demonstrate, and the students will duplicate.

Silver Level (week 2)

Students will use the techniques learned in Level One to paint more advanced paintings. The emphasis will now be on composition, color and design, and teaching you to really see what you are looking at when painting a flower. How to photograph your own reference material will also be covered. The characteristics of what makes a good floral painting – the dramatic shadows and lighting on your subject, the mixing of colors, and the use of complimentary colors, and values will also be covered. Students  will learn to paint different styles of Jenkins florals, such as the traditional style, soft focus and graphic style. The use of intricate and more exotic backgrounds will also be covered.

Gold Level (week 3)

In this final week, the students will paint more advanced floral paintings, with more focus on painting from their own photographs and further developing their creativity. Students will be shown how to achieve a dramatic mood in their floral paintings. On the last day we will talk about the business of being a professional artist, teaching, exhibiting your work, competing in juried art shows etc.

Note: A certificate of hours studied will be awarded once students have successfully completed all three weeks of the teacher training program. This certification will also allow the student to have the use of the Jenkins name when advertising their own classes that teach the Jenkins style of floral painting. The students will also have their name and contact information added to the list of Certified Art Teachers on the Jenkins Art Studio & Farbi Flora website.

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