The Jenkins Team

Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

Gary and Kathwren Jenkins make up the Jenkins team. They are the husband and wife team behind the concept of “The Beauty of Oil Painting” and the Jenkins Art Studio. Gary Jenkins learnt his skills at the Ringling School of Art and Kathwren majored in Art at High School, and developed her skills more over the following years.

Gary and Kathwren have recently had a teaching studio built at their home in Sedona, Arizona and they hold regular classes there. Together they make up the Jenkins Art Studio.

Gary Jenkins

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Gary Jenkins Artist

Gary Jenkins was born in Brooklyn New York. He began his art career by attending the  Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Upon graduation, Gary worked as a key line Artist for a large greeting card company. Gary also worked for the well known art store chain Aaron Bros. During the early 1970’s, Gary became an art teacher and gallery painter, specializing in Floral Painting.

In 1980, the opportunity came along for Gary to host his own national P.B.S. television painting program, “Jenkins Art Studio”. During the 1980s -1990s he also toured nationally to major conventions and art stores to teach painting seminars, and is still teaching many workshops a year. Gary has painted for many fine art galleries as well as owning his own studio and galleries. Many of Gary’s paintings are in print, with many originals in private collections.

Gary has been named as one of “The Best Floral Painters in America”, a title presented and published by North Light Books. Gary started producing his own “How To” video instruction tapes in the 1980s, and these were the first art instruction videos to be sold in the United States. They are still being sold today through the Jenkins mail order business.

During Gary’s early television career, he hosted 17 national television series that aired in the United States for a period of 16 years. Many of his television art books were also produced at this time. Gary’s original paintings are currently shown in Carmel, California. Dozens of his paintings were also produced into prints and sold to many fine art galleries in the United States.

Gary currently has several Giclee prints on canvas, and his favourite subjects are florals. He is especially known for his trademark style of the Jenkins Roses and Poppies. Gary started to develop his style of floral painting in the early 1970s. His techniques have been taught to thousands of students around the world. Gary also paints exotic birds and tropical fish, which have many of the same vibrant colours of his florals, and also use many of the same techniques.

In 2007 Gary started to host his own television series with his new shows being televised internationally for the first time. Gary’s hope for the future is to continue with his long career of teaching people everywhere how to be creative oil painters – a true artist never stops creating.

Gary Jenkins Says:

Shakespeare refers to the rose more than 40 times in his writings. Napoleon’s Empress Josephine grew two hundred and fifty varieties of roses in her gardens. The ancients dedicated the rose to the Goddess Venus. Indeed, the rose is truly the Queen of Flowers. The rose is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings and as graceful as a ballerina. One can never hope to capture the true beauty of the rose. 

With pigment we can only copy the best we can, so be patient when you are painting the rose, and understand that true beauty of the rose will always elude you. We as artists, can only imitate the rose, leaving the true creation to God. You never stop learning to paint. Painting is a lifelong process. Be patient while you’re learning and don’t be afraid to experiment. Each time I sit down at my easel to create a new painting, it’s like a new beginning. Travel along with me and I will show you how to paint several different subjects in the “Jenkins Style of Painting”.

Kathryn Jenkins

Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

Kathwren Jenkins

Kathwren Jenkins was born in Toronto Canada, and raised in Southern California. Kathwren began oil painting at the age of 18. She also majored in art in high school and attended art courses in the evening at a junior college.

Kathwren continued to paint and learn on her own all through the 1960s. In the mid 1970s, she became an art teacher at a studio in Nevada where she was living at the time. In 1980 she met her husband Gary Jenkins. Kathwren then began to team teach with him, travelling nationally to about 30 states per year.

During the 1980s and 1990s Kathwren also wrote several of the television books for her husbands’ television series. She produced two non television art books. During this same time, Kathwren also hosted several of her own art instruction video’s for their Jenkins non television video production business.

Kathwren co-hosted , the popular national P.B.S. television art show, “Jenkins Art Studio”, with Gary between 1990 and 1999.

Kathwren’s originals paintings are exhibiting in various fine art galleries in the USA.. She also has several of her paintings in Giclee prints. Kathwren continues to teach, and is a co-host with her husband Gary, on their art show series “The Beauty of Oil Painting”. Kathwren writes all the books that go with the television series and is also co director of the shows. Kathwren continues to produce more “How To” art DVD’s.

Kathwren’s passion is painting florals and exotic birds and her hope for the future is to continue her long art career with her partner and husband Gary.

Kathwren Jenkins Says:

I love to paint florals more than anything else. Florals can be painted in vibrant colours or soft pastels, depending upon the mood you wish to express. The shapes are interesting to me, especially when painting the very large flowers on oversized canvases.

Contrary to what people may think, one is not born as an artist. Some people, however have the desire to paint earlier than others. In my case …. Somewhere between 4th and 6th grade. Of course at that time, I didn’t think I would ever become a painter. During those years, I would sit and draw constantly, dreaming about becoming an artist. As I grew older, I began teaching myself painting through in-depth research and study. I painted for many years before I began teaching others to paint. It was through the actions of teaching students that I really developed my own skills, but I am still learning about painting.

If you stop learning, you’ll stop growing as an artist. I discovered early very early that the subject of floral painting appealed to me because of the soft, flowing lines and beautiful colours. I hope you enjoy the painting the florals and other subjects in this book as much as Gary and I have.

Be patient with yourself while learning the techniques that we present, for good things cannot be rushed. Keep in mind that these good things are worth waiting for: Please practice and you’ll discover the pleasures painting brings. Once you learn some good, basic techniques and start to add your own imagination and start to experiment, you will be creating beautiful oil paintings for yourself and others to cherish for a lifetime.

In Conclusion

Regardless of which subjects you prefer, learning to paint is a long slow process, but the rewards are well worth it. What a great feeling you will get when you paint something nice, and someone says, “wow, that’s beautiful!” You can then say, “Thank you. I painted that!” Most of all have fun, and you will find that painting will open up a whole new and exciting world to you.

Jenkins Art Studio

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