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The beauty of oil painting; snowy egret; egret; gary jenkins; gary jenkins background, pigment power

A Snowy Egret preening itself against one of Kathwren Jenkins abstract backgrounds

Bringing The Beauty of Oil Painting To The People – The Pigment Power range by Gary Jenkins.

We can sell the Pigment Power products to many countries outside of the EU. If you are interested in buying from us then please view the web site and email me at. Russell@farbi-flora-uk.co.uk

The Gary Jenkins ranges of Pigment Power products, whether The Beauty of Oil Painting books, the DVDs, the paints made by Old Holland, the painting packages, the brushes or the training courses exude quality. The Beauty of Oil Painting books are high quality, full colour, hard back coffee table style books full of detailed painting instructions. The DVDs cover a range of different painting subjects that include flowers, fish, and birds. The  “Old Holland” company from The Netherland make the paints, and they are the most highly pigmented of their price range. The painting packs consist of detailed instructions on how to paint the images and high quality photographs to guide you. For an introduction to the Gary Jenkins method go HERE.

Special Sales Requirements

You can buy from our shop knowing that you are buying products of the highest quality to help you develop further your painting skills. We can also sell to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and if you are from these three countries then please email us for delivery charges. Russell@farbi-flora-uk.co.uk

For the United States and Canada, please go to one of these addresses:
Bookmasters which is a fulfilment house that ships products
Gary Jenkins Studio which is the address of Gary’s own web site – you will find a wider variety of products here than on the Bookmasters web site.

The shop is open for business. See our special offers.

Please note that prices shown in the shop don’t include VAT or delivery costs. Books by the way are VAT free. The VAT and delivery costs are quoted separately in the Cart. You will need to add 20% to non-book items to cover VAT. Sorry but this is the fault of the Government.

Please email me Russell@farbi-flora-uk.co.uk if you have any questions.

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